Are you looking to sell?

Putting a property up for sale is a big step and requires covering all the important aspects that will lead to a winning transaction. Use our free professional services and online documentation to help you properly prepare for this big step!

The fifteen steps to success

My team and I take these tried-and-true actions to put your property on the market in an optimal way.

We ensure that every aspect of the process is taken into account.

1 – Property appraisal with a comparative market analysis

2 – Visit by a real estate marketing expert to make the most of your property’s entry on the market

3 – HDR photo shoot

4 – Virtual tour video produced by a professional team, depending on the file

5 – Drafting of a new property listing using marketing terms

6 – Verification of legal documents

7 – Posting of a RE/MAX sign on your property

8 – Implementation of an advertising plan to spread the word that your property is for sale: local newspapers, magazines, RE/MAX website, SIA website,,, social networks, apps, etc.

9 – Appointments made and property visits handled

10 – Reports on visits made in your absence

11 – Drawing up of purchase offers

12 – Preparation and checking of the file for the notary

13 – Distribution of a checklist showing all the steps until the realization of the purchase offer containing deadlines and useful references


14 – Six real estate experts at your service throughout the process

15 – The peace of mind of doing business with a top seller in Quebec for many years!

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How to choose your real estate broker

The transaction process requires different skills in different fields, affecting rights, the law, real estate appraisal, negotiation, construction ... As a transaction may take several months, present complex situations and be time consuming, it is important to choose a broker you have confidence in.

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Some errors to be avoided during the sale of your house

The sale of a property can present some easy to prevent traps when you know about them… Here are some small tips to help you in this important transaction.

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Practical tips for selling your home

You are considering putting your property on the market and want to get the odds in your favor? Here is a list of inexpensive tips to help you maximize your selling price!

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